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Saran Wrap Body Pass

Get 4 staff members from the crowd (as many staff as you have sections of the crowd). Have each staff member stand in front of a given section of the crowd that can cheer for their staff member. Have each staff member grab about 3 or 4 kids to “wrap them.” Hand each group 3 or 4 rolls of Saran Wrap and tell them to wrap them up to their shoulders. (Leaving their arms free is the safest way but some groups have wrapped arms too. These groups had extra staff asigned to watch and spot the wrapped kid so they don't fall. They could get hurt if they fell since they don't have arms free to catch themselves.) Now yell “Go!”

When they are wrapped up, ask the crowd, "What's the best way to judge who is wrapped the best?" Then announce that you have an idea. “Pick them up and pass them to the back of the crowd and back up front again. First section to do that wins!”

Added by Greg Weisman

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