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Christmas 12 Bags of Doom

This is a messy "thank you" or Christmas gift to your staff (or interns). Lay tarp down (a large vinyl table cloth works, too). Staff wear old clothes and get ready to be icky!

Students get to dump 12 items of gross stuff on the staff, one at a time. The twelve days of Christmas gives a nice outline for the event:

On the twelfth day of Christmas our students give to you (the interns).....

12 raw eggs
11 cups of oatmeal
10 squirts of syrup
9 cups of popcorn
8 squirts of green ketchup
7 cups of applesauce
6 bags of cornmeal
5 packages of swiss miss
4 frozen mixed vegetables
3 cans of whipped cream
2 cups of canola oil
1 betty crocker cake mix

A great gross event as long as you're not the dumpee....


Funny idea from Tonya Berry:
Have the group actually sing the song and dump each item every time a new item's added!

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