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Win, Lose, or Draw

This is the same as the old TV version by the same name. It's played like Pictionary, either guys against girls or team against team.

A word is given to one member of each team who tries to draw symbols and pictures to lead his/her team to say the word that was given to them. You may not use numbers, letters or the "number sign" (#), anything else is okay. You also may not say anything or do any kind of gestures, to help your team guess the word.

You may point to a team member who is on the right track or very close to saying the answer, but no other gestures may be used.
You may nod your head to say "yes, that's right" or "no, wrong." Use Pictionary cards if you have them or make up a list of words yourself.

Whoever has the most points (words guessed) at the ends wins. If it is a tie, give each team another word and see who can do their word the fastest.

The Point: Use words to introduce your topic, or words to fit the season, i.e., Manger, Wise Men, Christmas tree, etc.

Also see Pictionary Mania

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