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Song Endurance

This game is very simple and can be played with two or more teams. Can do guys against girls. Pick a song theme - at Christmas choose Christmas songs; with a younger group you don't even need a theme, any song can be open game - and let the singing begin.

The object of this game is to keep coming up with songs longer than the other team or teams. One team starts and sings a line of one song. Then the other team has 5 seconds to start singing a line of another song. Then the other team has 5 seconds to sing a line from yet another song. Teams may discuss and plan out which song to sing while the other teams are singing.

The first team to repeat a song, sing a song that doesn't fit that category or just not sing within 5 seconds is the loser. If more than two teams play, sit losing teams out until one team finally prevails.

Also see Song Making on Anywhere page.

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