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Communist Church

This game is PERFECT for that All-Night Activity.

The Point: It also is a great set up for a discussion starter.

Set Up: Explain to the kids about communism and persecution in restricted nations, how Christians are not allowed to gather publicly. If they are found gathering, they are put in prison.

Game Prep: In the building that you are going to use, shut all the doors to rooms. Lock rooms that youth are not allowed in, and unlock rooms that they are allowed.

The Game: Turn on and hide a flashlight (which represents the church) in a room in your building - making sure the light is hidden so it can't be seen without REALLY looking for it. Your Youth's job is to find the flashlight. Once they do, they are not to touch the flashlight, but they are to hide in that room, so no one knows they are there. Once a group of about 10 find the church the game is over (depending on the size of your group).

The Catch: Have your leaders be the communists. Their job is to catch the kids and take them outside the building. The communists are only allowed in the hallways; they cannot go inside the rooms. If they tag or grab a youth, the youth must surrender and be escorted out. Once the youth are outside, their job is to find a way back in. Which you have made difficult since you or another leader are constantly locking and unlocking doors, leaving one door unlocked at all times. Best played at night, with lights off.

Added by Jason Goss

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