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Instructions: In this game up to 40 people can play. Every one of our contestants will have the name of a famous personality taped to their back. When we say “go” they will have to find another contestant and try to figure out which personality is taped to their back by asking questions. But the questions they ask must only be able to be answered with a yes or a no. Once they figure out who they have, the game is not over! After that they must find the other famous personality in the room that matches theirs. For example, if they have “Superman” written on their back they might have to look for a person with “Lex Luther” or “Louis Lane” written on their back. Once they figure out who their personality is AND find their matching pair, then come to the front of the room and sit down together. Give a prize out to the first 3 pairs of matching couples.

Famous Pairs
1A. Sponge Bob 1B. Patrick Star
2A. Willie Wonka 2B. An Oompa Loompa
3A. Mickey Mouse 3B. Minnie Mouse
4A. Luke Skywalker 4B. Princess Leia
5A. Frodo Baggins 5B. Gandalf the Wizard
6A. Harry Potter 6B. Lord Voldemort
7A. Barrack Obama 7B. Michelle Obama
8A. Batman 8B. The Joker
9A. Captain James T Kirk 9B. Mr. Spock
10A. Sherlock Holmes 10B Mr. Watson
11A. Santa Claus 11B. Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer
12A. Charlie Brown 12B. Snoopy
13A. Romeo Montague 13B. Juliet Capulet
14A. Samson 14B. Delilah
15A. Brad Pitt 15B. Angelina Jolie
16A. Peter Pan 16B Captain Hook
17A. Scooby Doo 17B Shaggy
18A. Kim Kardashian 18B. Kanye West
19A. Beyonce 19B. Jay Z
20A. Shrek 20B. Fiona

Submitted by Dan Manns

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