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Texas Shoot Out

You start by having an "it" and have everyone else stands in a circle facing outward. It walks around the outside of the circle, and randomly picks a person. It points at that person, and says "draw". At that moment the two people on either side of him/her makes their hand into a "gun” and says, "BANG!". Whoever says it first continues to stand while the person who said it last "dies" and sits down. The game continues until there are only two people left.

Then those two people stand back-to-back, and when It says "go", they walk forward 10 paces. At any time while they are walking "It" can yell, "DRAW!". The two people then must turn around, and "shoot" the other person. The winner is the next "it"

NOTE: of course, there are plenty of times the two "shooters" will be really close. "it" decides who shot first. And if it is really close have them do a duel.

Idea by Shelbie

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