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Bind Us Together

All you need is one long ribbon per team.

Divide your group into teams.

The object of the game is to have every member of the team linked together with ribbon. The first player threads the ribbon through their shirt sleeve and down their pant leg. The next player threads the ribbon up their pant leg and out their shirt sleeve. And so on and so on.

The first team linked wins.

Submitted by Isabel

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Comments on this post

   BeverlyLynn         6/7/2016 11:38:26 AM

I kinda feel like there's potential for "touching" here. I don't think we should encourage a boy to slip his hand in a girls shirt or pants or vice versa. MAYBE if it was all one gender. Even still, too much downward slide for my group.

   Josh         4/12/2016 2:24:39 PM

This may have worked in the 90s... but not so well with hipsters in skinny jeans.