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Sentence/Picture Game

The only thing you need for this game is a pen and a half of a sheet of piece paper for each student. Begin by handing the first student a random sentence on a piece of paper, then passes the stack of paper to the person on their right. That person looks at the sentence and then puts that piece of paper to the bottom on the pile of paper. On the new piece of paper they draw a picture of the sentence then pass the stack to the next person. The third person looks at the picture and then puts the paper on the bottom of the pile, and writes a sentence about the picture and passes the stack on. Do this until they all have their sentence back. It's extremely funny what becomes of the sentence.

Submitted by Peter

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   Kyle Zimmerman         9/13/2014 5:49:02 PM

Great game for pretty much ANY size group.

   Bethany         1/9/2013 2:00:33 PM

I've played this several times, both with youth and at leader retreats. Always a huge success! (It's actually how I announced my second pregnancy to my fellow leaders :)