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Battle of the Sexes-PowerPoint

Want a great UP FRONT game that will get all your students involved? All you need are a few contestants from both genders, a video projector, and a whole lot of smack talk!

Prior to the start of your program, load the BATTLE OF THE SEXES PowerPoint (click here to download) onto your computer…and test it! Then, when you’re ready to start the game, invite 5 girls and 5 guys forward to compete. You’ll need to tell the audience to remain quiet, and not shout out the answers.

We’ve designed the PowerPoint so that there is a title slide, and then a question for a guy, a question for a girl, a question for a guy, a question for a girl, and so on. (Each of the five guys will get one question, and so will each of the girls.)

Starting with the first guy, show him the first picture, (Slide #2: latte) and allow him 10 seconds to answer it. If he gets it right, the guys get a point. If he guesses incorrectly, or not at all, any of the competing girls get a chance to “steal” it for a point.

After the first guy’s question, show the first girl’s question (Slide #3: rubgy). Same rules; she has 10 seconds to try and answer. If she cannot do so correctly, the guys can huddle up and answer it for a point.

Continue this way through all the slides. The team with the most points wins. They should get a prize of some sort, ALONG WITH the admission from the losing team that the OTHER gender is better!

Have fun!

(By the way, if you need a tie breaker, we’ve provided one of those as well. If not, just skip over it. But if it comes down to a tie breaker, simply say, “We’ve got one more picture for you. When you see it on the screen, the first team to shout out the correct answer gets the winning point.” Then show them Slide #12.)

ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS: (Just print these off if you need them)
Slide #1 is a title slide
Slide #2 is a latte
Slide #3 is rugby
Slide #4 is Dooney and Bourke
Slide #5 is a torque wrench
Slide #6 is a pumice stone
Slide #7 is beef jerky (Jack Links)
Slide #8 Tim Gunn
Slide #9 John Cena
Slide #10 is emerald cut
Slide #11 is Deadliest Catch
Slide #12 (tie breaker) is a MockingJay
Slide #13 is another title slide

Idea by Jon Forrest

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   Don         9/16/2017 7:15:10 PM

Have fun

   Kvisa         11/14/2016 3:32:38 PM

need some sort of funny punishment for the losers. (i.e. cup of goo on head, lip stick on boys)

   Sean Holloway         1/13/2015 9:09:52 PM

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