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Fun Event & Activity Ideas
Are you looking for some good youth activities to do besides the same 'ol bowling or miniature golf? Check out some of these ideas for a fun night!

TitleCreated DateRating
Mothers Day Mom O Rama4/17/2012
Draw Your Own Youth Group5/27/2011
Nerf Wars8/8/2009
The Original Facebook7/25/2009
Big Bad Boat Race4/14/2009
Video Game Tournament8/22/2008
Night of a Million Nuts7/25/2008
Cell Phone Scavenger Hunt5/21/2008
A Way To Publicize Your Event: Puzzle Pieces5/7/2008
Sub-Culture Night4/18/2008
"The Office" Office Party3/7/2008
Skateboard Derby2/15/2008
Dead Fish Olympics2/1/2008
Luau Christmas Party12/27/2007
Youth Awards11/3/2007
Co-Ed Flag Football11/3/2007
Real Life Clue11/3/2007
Golden Bulbs10/15/2007
Smashing Pumpkins9/13/2007
Makin' Music Videos7/3/2007
Black Light Bash2/7/2007
Christmas Light Project12/8/2006
Speed Switch Game Night!11/21/2006
Bring Your Own Utensil Dinner11/6/2006
Poor Man’s Prom (aka Thrift Store Formal)10/9/2006
Scavenger Trash Hunt9/30/2006
Parents’ Night Out6/12/2006
Human Music Videos6/12/2006
The Toilet Bowl6/12/2006
Parent Night Live4/12/2006
Car Restoration – Group Style3/30/2006
Amazing Race, The3/27/2006
Show Your (Insert Sports Team) Spirit Night3/27/2006
Nuclear Ultimate Football2/23/2006
Banana Night2/22/2006
Spam Night2/1/2006
Milkshake Mayhem12/13/2005
Fear Factor/Faith Factor12/6/2005
Napolean Dynamite Night11/23/2005
Kidnapped Gnomes10/27/2005
Mystery Supper (Missions Emphasis Meal)10/1/2005
Charge 'Em Up9/24/2005
Bigger and Better Hunt aka Trade Up8/16/2005
Duct Tape Fest7/9/2005
Million Dollar Shopping Spree6/18/2005
Survivor - More Than A Survivor Weekend6/6/2005
Click, Grab, and Get Hunt4/7/2005
Christmas Tree Scramble2/21/2005
Ten Bags of Doom12/16/2004
Slop-stacle Course12/16/2004
Kickin' It12/16/2004
Prom A La Mode (Post-Prom Party)12/16/2004
Super Bowl Party Ideas12/16/2004
Heads or Tails12/16/2004
Wood Chipper Meets Jr. High Student12/16/2004
Piano Smash12/16/2004
Olympics Spoof Games11/23/2004
Sofa Drive-in11/9/2004
Great Ways to Advertise Your Event11/9/2004
Chicagopoly, Lincolnoply, Sacramentopoly11/5/2004
Survivor Party10/20/2004
Back In The Day10/20/2004
Family Night10/20/2004
Commitment To Purity Ceremony10/20/2004
Parent Appreciation Dinner8/30/2004
Where's Waldo?8/25/2004
Video Scavenger Hunt8/25/2004
Video Parables8/25/2004
Ten Dollar Prom8/25/2004
Big Game Party Ready-Made8/25/2004
Staff Hunt8/25/2004
Sorry, Wrong Number8/25/2004
Sofa Wars8/25/2004
Slime Night8/25/2004
Sledge O Matic Smash Off8/25/2004
Singing Scavenger Hunt8/25/2004
Oscars Night (aka "See You at the Oscars!")8/25/2004
Regressive Dinner8/25/2004
Girls: Project Esther - Spa Night8/25/2004
Progressive Fast Food Dinner8/25/2004
Pizza Scavenger Hunt8/25/2004
Penny Contest8/25/2004
Pay Phone Scavenger Hunt8/25/2004
Oatmeal Wrestling8/25/2004
Mud Bowl8/25/2004
Monopoly Night8/25/2004
Melon Fest8/25/2004
Memorex Madness8/25/2004
Man Hunt8/25/2004
Mall Manhunt8/25/2004
Karaoke Night8/25/2004
Jello-O Wrestling8/25/2004
Hummer Ride Prize8/25/2004
Hollywood Star in Town8/25/2004
Gym Hockey8/25/2004
Great Mattress Run, The8/25/2004
Frozen Turkey Olympics8/25/2004
Formal Dinner8/25/2004
Five Buck Receipt Rush8/25/2004
Fasting and Prayer Dinner8/25/2004
Cookie Mission Impossible8/25/2004
Dive-In Movie8/24/2004
Disposable Camera Rally8/18/2004
Amateur Olympics8/17/2004
Broom Hockey8/17/2004
All Around The Houses8/1/2004