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Napolean Dynamite Night
Even those who haven't seen this movie know that "Napoleon Dynamite" took America by storm in 2004. This low budget film was released in June 04, and it paid for itself every single weekend since. Teenagers went to the theatres to see it-some up to 20 times.

For lack of a better description, Napoleon Dynamite is the story of a geeky kid named Napoleon who decides to help his new friend Pedro win the class presidency in their small town high school. His family life consists of an even geekier brother, Kip, who "chats online with babes all day" and his Uncle Rico who wishes he could go back to high school and play football again. CLICK HERE for our more detailed review of the film.

This event is a fun night where everything revolves around the theme of Napoleon Dynamite. So plan a Napoleon Dynamite Night or, if you've already done one of these nights, have a Napoleon Dynamite Reunion Night. Use the tips from the article referenced above to make it an event at which your students will have a “killer time!”

Before you plan for this night you may want to CLICK HERE so you can prepare by reading Jonathan’s 5 Tips to Make Your "MOVIE NIGHT" Flop!

You could also use this event as an excuse to put a "student event-planning team" together to help you plan the event. They'll come up with better ideas than we could. Use some of these ideas to jumpstart their thoughts:

  • Give prizes for the best Napoleon Dynamite costume

  • Serve "tater tots"

  • Have the Napoleon Dynamite dance contest

  • Show the extra features on the DVD: deleted scenes, the making of, etc.

The event could be a great outreach event to bring out some new kids. Use this event to "just have fun" and invite kids back to your youth group.

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