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Bigger and Better Hunt aka Trade Up
This is a scavenger hunt where you send out each team with a coat hanger (or another small item if you wish) and you instruct each team to go door to door in the neighborhood asking people if they will trade for something bigger (strictly the size) or better (quality, value, etc.). The team that brings back the biggest or best item back is the winner. Teams must trade the items, not come back with a stockpile of items. Each team will come back with one item and judges will determine the winner.

You must trade each item you receive for the next item.
No money or anything else can be offered on the side.
Your team must stay together.

Idea by Christy

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   luis         10/24/2015 6:24:09 PM

Well, believe or not, this game is online now. You can post pictures of your trading objects, people are able to track your activities and more. Check the game at

   Michelle K         6/14/2015 1:00:51 PM

We have done this in the past and ended up with some fun stuff--a giant cat playground, a "valuable" book of Shakespeare works, and a mounted deer head. The neighborhood was really getting into the game as much as the kids were.

   Nancy         4/29/2013 11:24:51 AM

We played this game with our youth group for a fun event night and we had a blast! Each group started with a paper clip and came back with something COMPLETELY different, and the winner actually came back with a KING SIZE HEADBOARD! Some of the items were kept by someone in the group, one group is selling a very nice framed print they got and donating the money to the youth group, and the headboard is going to a family in our church who said they could use it!