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Be sure to encourage attendees to show up with some sort of duct tape accessory or outfit. Award prizes for most creative and most functional.

Set up “stations” where students compete in the following:

3-Legged Friends:
Loosely duct tape your leg to a friend's leg and walk around for 10 minutes, earning points for walking backward, hopping, or dancing.

Crowning achievement:
Place a roll of duct tape on your head like a crown and pass it through a line of people, placing the roll on each person's head, without using your hands or dropping the roll.

Juggle three rolls of duct tape.

Pyramid Power:
Make a pyramid of fifteen rolls of wrapped duct tape on their sides. Must stand in place for 15 seconds.

Strong Arm:
Hold a jumbo roll of un-opened duct tape with your arm straight at a 90° angle from your body for as long as you can (go for a record).

Duct Tape Shuffleboard:
Use wrapped duct tape rolls to slide to a target on a slippery floor. Three chances to hit target.

Duct Tape Bowling:
Roll rolls of duct tape toward a bowling pin(s) or other target. Two chances to hit target.

Fishing with Duct Tape:
Make a duct tape line and hook (ball of sticky-side out duct tape) and try to remove paper fish from a bucket.

Head Stacker:
With five rolls of duct tape, stacked on your head, walk 10 feet.

Duct Tape Challenge:
Teams of 3 tape the smallest to a wall to see who can be held up the longest. (See Duct Tape challenge on our Upfront page, CLICK HERE.)

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