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Prom A La Mode (Post-Prom Party)
Unfortunately, the thing that most kids like to do after prom is drink, get high, or jump in bed with someone. What if you offered something else?

How about a post-prom party?

Darlene, a youth worker in Arkansas, wrote me a little while ago with an after-prom idea that she's doing for her students. She doesn't want to do the typical "game night." I don't blame her. Most kids wouldn't want to give up prom festivities to play chubby bunnies, baby food relays and pin the tail on the donkey. So she wanted to come up with something a little more creative, with a lot of "hangin' out" time.

Darlene has a facility with a lot of options. She created an atmosphere with fun things to do, or fun places to just "kick it." She set up an old time photo shoot with costumes. She planned a movie area and an area set up with video games.

In addition, she went to the community to get donations for door prizes. It's amazing how many stores and small businesses will donate to a good cause. Usually you'll get great results if you draft a letter explaining your event (providing an alternative to getting drunk on prom night) and put it on the letterhead of your church or organization (with your official non profit 501 (c)(3) number if you're in the US). These gifts can be used as "door prizes" and given away throughout the night, saving the best for last.

I've always found a lot of success with rotating locations and activities throughout the evening. Logistically this requires transportation (don't let students drive in the middle of the night), but it cures boredom that sets in with some kids after a couple of hours.

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