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Begin by printing out pledge sheets for students. Have them collect pledges based on hourly pledges or flat rate pledges.

Have students bring sleeping bags and pillows, etc., and arrange a large room to keep youth and chaperones in. Have plenty of snacks and games on hand. Schedule this for a Fri evening thru Saturday evening. Plan ahead with a variety of games (getting-to-know-you's, team building activities, and other mixers). Make it a rule that NO ONE goes home, from beginning to end, except in the case of medical emergencies, etc.

If you have the equipment, take lots of pictures to show on a slide show set to pre-selected music every hour on a screen.

Each participant raises money for their youth group (or missions project) by staying awake! Each hour they stay awake will be initialed by a chaperone. Have youth total their hours and collect pledges the following week. This is a great way to raise money and gather for great fellowship!

You may want to arrange some activities for the long hours during the night. Call the local bowling alley and see if they will host you at 2 AM! You might also want to do a scavenger hunt at a 24 hour retail store. And whatever you do, DON'T forget the food!

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