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Great Ways to Advertise Your Event
Here are some great ways to promote your next event.

Water Bottle Ads
Some stores take artwork, and for a charge, can slap it on water bottles for you. If you don’t find a store that can do this, or you don’t want to pay the cost, you can take your event logo and/or event info, print it on labels, and put it on the water bottles yourself.

Make it a group/team effort. Then take the cases to middle or high school parking lots with coolers on hot days and hand out free water bottles. A lot friendlier than the old half sheet flyer.

Design the info for your event or program and upload it to your personal (or ministry) Facebook page. Shoot out a message to all of your students instructing them to save it to their Facebook or Instagram, and spam their friends with it.

Don't be afraid to shoot the same message several times to your students.

Idea from Paul Ikonen

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