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Commitment To Purity Ceremony
After a sermon series or small group discussions about sexual purity, organize a “Commitment to Purity” ceremony, giving your students an opportunity to publicly commit themselves to sexual and relational purity until marriage. Allow the students to come up with a ring for the ceremony. Some parents bought their kids rings, some kids bought them for themselves. Others used rings they already had, or rings that had been passed down in their families.

Each student also brings a person of accountability with them to support them in this decision (A close friend, a parent, guardian, coach or teacher . . . usually not a boyfriend or girlfriend). The students pledge to stay a virgin until marriage. Young people are asked to remember that the ring is not nearly as important as the promise they are about to make to themselves, to God, and to their future spouse. Then the rings are placed on the ring finger of their right hand, only to be replaced someday with a wedding ring.

Note: check out for other ideas and resources. Also,click here for a link to our topical curriculum page, specifically the Growth page for topical agendas on purity, an agenda called “The Wedding,” and an agenda on “Pre-Wedding Intelligence Gathering”.

Idea by Colleen O'Dowd

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   Jess         9/4/2016 10:54:49 AM

Careful that this does not become too big a deal. I've known a lot of churches that have put so much emphasis on this (at the expense of other things) that people have had trouble having sex once married. It also can induce all kinds of guilt when people do mess up. Basically, don't put so much pressure on this. Sexual purity is definitely important, but why not have a ceremony where teens pledge to tell the truth or to have a quiet time of 10-20 min/day with God, or ______?