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Like a mall man hunt but with a twist!

Have ten members from your church that all the teens would recognize dress up as elderly people, punks, bikers, business people- anything really except what they would usually wear and look like!

Take a "Where's Waldo" book and copy the front cover to card stock then cut it up puzzle style (use a different color for different teams- 6 in a team is a good number) and give each of your ten "under cover" church members the same piece of every puzzle (they should each have a bunch of identical pieces but on different color card stock)

Have your people with the game pieces distributed throughout a mall. Give the teens a list with vague descriptions of the characters they are to locate- assign each team a color and send them out to find the adults to collect their puzzle

First team to complete the Waldo puzzle wins!

We have a drama teacher on youth staff and he did everyone's make up (age, wrinkles etc.) changed peoples hair color, provided costumes, some even got beards!

Added by Christopher Charles Cole

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   Jeremy         4/2/2013 10:35:20 AM

great idea for kick off