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Video Scavenger Hunt
A scavenger hunt where each team has a video camera and they have a list of items to get footage of.

Here would be an example of a list:



    Mandatory Category (Must have all of these to qualify for prize!)
    Video of...

  • A creative introduction to that particular team's video

  • 3 team members being pushed in a shopping cart

  • A team member spontaneously interviewing 3 strangers: ask "what is your conception of God or what is God like?"

  • Someone in group chugging an entire can of Pepsi and belching

  • Team hanging upside down singing the "Pledge of Allegiance" to the tune of "Gilligan's Island"

  • 1000 point items
    Video of...

  • Team member hugging a stranger

  • Lady scolding child

  • A guy coming out of the girl's bathroom

  • A grocery clerk singing a recognizable song

  • Two teenager's kissing

  • Someone ordering a cheeseburger without any cheese

  • Lady walking her dog

  • Fitting your entire team on one tree

  • 1500 point items
    Video of...

  • Person peeling out in a car (team vehicles not included)

  • A fireman in uniform

  • Someone (other than a team member) buying "Depends"

  • Someone making a citizen's arrest

  • Little kid singing Mary had a little lamb

  • Someone giving a stranger a noogie

  • Team member hugging a gas station attendent

  • 3000 point items
    Video of...

  • A dog relieving himself on a fire hydrant

  • A traffic accident

  • Old lady on the ground yelling "I've fallen and I can't get up"

  • A police car (other than the one at the traffic accident) with its siren on (not lights, siren)
  • Someone crawling out of a manhole

  • Entire team coming out of a VW bug

  • 25,000 point item
    Video of a 300 pound Rottweiler eating an entire Carl's Jr. salad bar

    500,000 point item
    Video of entire team hovering over Arco Arena, balancing a stack of 7 baseballs on their noses and reciting "Hamlet" backwards

Ideas by Jessica Sundholm

    Mandatory Category (Must have all of these to qualify for prize!
  • Video of... Everybody 'searching' frantically on the ground for a contact lens

  • Making a commercial in front of your local Block Buster

  • 1000 points
  • Fitting your entire team on one tree

  • Your entire team in a new Volkswagon bug

  • Going to the mall and making a human pyramid

  • Worth 3000 points
  • Someone on your team on a lot pretending to be a used car salesman

  • Fitting the entire team in a telephone booth

  • Worth 5000 points
  • Singing to a waitress at a busy resturaunt (either to be sung by a representative or the whole group)

  • Going into a grocery and asking where the hemorroid meds is (you could substitute that for diarrhea meds)

  • Going through the Burger King Drive-Thru in a shopping cart

  • Getting a guy to try on a dress

(for a church youth group)

  • Girl in a real bridal gown, guy in suit being "married" by a real minister. (15)

  • A member of your group in a church member's bathtub serenading a rubber duck with "Rubber Ducky You're the One" (10)

  • Everyone in group with umbrella singing "Singing in the Rain"-- there must be dancing-- outside of a movie theater. (10)

  • Your group on the Sidewalk at a business that is open playing "Duck, Duck, goose" (10)

  • Group member in grocery cart sucking on a baby bottle while pushing a cart (15)

  • Group walking through Kentucky Fried Chicken flapping their wings bucking like a chicken(15)

  • Go Christmas caroling to pastor's house. Sing LOUDLY! (15) If they sing with you (+10), if they dance with you (+15)

  • Your group in costume "trick-or-treating" at a stranger's house (15)(Seasonal)

  • Your group T-Ping a youth group member's car (10) If you do your youth minister's car (-100)

  • A member of your group handcuffed to a police officer. (20) If you give him/her a doughnut (+15)

  • Get two total strangers to sing and do the motions to YMCA with your entire group. (10)

  • A member of your group sitting in the driver's seat of a fire engine, making siren noises.(20)

  • Your group buying $.10 of gas, receipt and pump must show amount. (10)

  • A member leading another member on a leash through a pet store. (10)

  • Two group members hanging upside down on monkey bars making "monkey sounds".(10) if you eat a banana too (+10)

  • Everyone roasting a marshmellow over a fire and eating it. (15)

  • Get a deacon to sing "I'm a Little Teapot" with the motions. (15)

  • Your group in Walmart holding a pack of hotdogs singing "I wish I were an Oscar Meyer Weiner" (10)

  • Group member sitting on the lap of a public statue. (10)

  • If you film the outside of the youth minister's door at his/her home. (10)

  • Your group standing around a Christmas tree singing "O Christmas Tree."(Seasonal) (10)

  • A group member doing a lap in a pool. (Seasonal)(15)

  • Your entire group sitting together in a VW bug. (20) if it is an "old school" bug (+10).

Added by Jennifer P.

By Marilyn Heminger

For 50 points each:
Video of someone in your group:
  • Doing a cartwheel

  • Hanging upside down singing the song "I believe I can fly"
  • Pick a house and do a sales promo of lifestyles of the rich and famous

  • Sing the National Anthem at a baseball diamond

  • Chugging a soda and belching

  • Make a Christian symbol in the grass using your bodies

  • A member leading another member on a leash through a pet store

  • A member from the group with an umbrella singing "Singing in the Rain" outside of a movie theater (you must dance too)

  • Going through the Burger King Drive-Thru with one person carrying another piggyback. You can make car sounds if you want. (Don't forget to order something even if it's just a soda)

  • Make a commercial in front of your local Block Buster (*video has to be done outside, you can't go it the store with the cam)

  • Find a junk car and be a used car salesman

  • Have a member of your group sitting in the driver's seat of a fire engine making siren noises

  • Everyone in your group standing outside the Wal-Mart entrance singing a Christmas Carol and welcoming people to Wal-Mart

For 100 points each:
  • Get an autograph of a fireman and ask if he's ever seen "101 Dalmatians"

  • At Dairy Queen, someone from your group dropping sprinkles in his or her hair singing "I feel pretty"

  • A small child singing "Mary had a little lamb"

  • Help a stranger fold their laundry at a Laundromat

  • Get two total strangers to sing and do the motions to YMCA with your entire group

  • Pump gas for a stranger at a gas station

For 200 points each:
  • Get a policeman in uniform to sing the theme to COPS, "Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do"

  • Get a different policeman in uniform (not the same one) and have someone from your group lie down and have the policeman draw a chalk line around them

  • Going into clothing store picking out a dress or skirt and asking a salesperson where the dressing rooms are.(Extra 50 points if you come out wearing it)...Oh and this has to be a guy!

For 25 points each (Put in your sack)
  • Chop Sticks

  • To-Go Box

  • Wendy's Jr.Frosty Cup
  • Chicken Bone

  • Pack of Ketchup
  • Coffee Stirer

  • Subwaywrapper

  • Sugar Packet

  • Napkinwithlogo

  • Pack of Hot Sauce

  • Straw

  • Coffee Creamer

  • Menu

  • Salt Packet

  • Spoon

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