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It's super simple. All you do is put together a dance (note: all Baptists can make it just a dinner). Go all out. Have a DJ, food, disco ball, the whole 9 yards. Build it up way ahead of time, with this being the only rule: whatever the students wear must be formal and it must cost under 10 bucks. They sell some pretty ridiculous suits at Goodwill for under 10 bucks. The students buy the tickets ahead of time, and show up looking absolutely stupid. The kids may make a night of it (ie: show up at The Waffle House dressed like that!). It's a great thing to do around Valentine's Day. Get adults to chaperone it, dressed in 10 dollar tuxes of course.

NOTE: If you make this into an "all nighter," check the Games page for a lot of cool ideas sure to keep the students' attention.

Added by Keith W. Blake

See Formal Dinner, also on Events page.

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