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Sorry, Wrong Number
This game is a blast for the teens, but a lot of work for the Youth Pastor! (You will probably want to delegate the leg work to a loving volunteer.) A CALLER ID IS REQUIRED FOR THIS GAME!

  1. Canvass your town armed with a notebook, finding grocery stores, bowling allies, shopping centers, bus\train stations, etc. that have multiple pay phones. Record the location and the phone numbers of all the pay phones.

  2. Mix up the locations so that you have four different lists that reveal every location, but in a different order.

  3. Write clues to the location of the store, etc. where the multiple phones are located-and select the "correct" phone at each location.

  4. Match the clues with the different locations and "correct numbers" on your lists.

  5. After dividing your group into four different smaller groups give them all the first clue and send them out with an adult leader driving.

After they figure out the first location, they go to it and call the pastor's office looking for the next clue. They call to identify their team and the pastor responds, after checking his Caller ID to see if they are calling from the "correct" phone, telling them the clue or if they called from the incorrect payphone he says "sorry, wrong number." The group then tries every pay phone in the place until they call from the correct phone. When they finally call from the correct phone they are given a clue to the next spot . . .

The winner is the team who goes the quickest through their route, and returns to the church.

NOTE: Don't forget to give teams a collection of quarters for the phone calls!

Added by Christopher Charles Cole

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