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Sledge O Matic Smash Off
Everyone wears old grubbies and plans on getting messy at this event. You can be creative and have various messy activities available such as Jello wrestling, Shaving Cream Beauty Parlor, Water-wars, etc. But for your program portion- use a Sledge-O-Matic.

Make the sledges out of a block of wood and a sledge handle (short 2x4's nailed together will work also). The idea is to bring out tons of messy objects and smash them in front of the audience (which can get quite messy).

Good Items to smash:

  • Gallons of Milk

  • Watermelon

  • Various Fruits

  • Head of Lettuce

  • Yogurt Cups

  • Cottage Cheese

Bad Items to smash:

  • anything in a can (we sent a can flying at about 70 mph to a girls shin! Ouch!)

  • small furry animals (you'll make any girls in the audience mad!)

Added by Jon Perrin and Jonathan McKee

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