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Singing Scavenger Hunt
Want to connect your group of teenagers to the entire church and have lots of fun in the process? Here is what you need....

Give each team a tape recorder, a list of people from the congregation (that you have previously spoken with), and a verse of a song that the individual on the list would not normally sing. (For instance, Mr. Wilbur Godfrey would sing Furgilicious, or something silly like that.)

Have the verses printed out for them, but do not give them the tune to sing with. Example: We had a 65 year old woman singing Metallica's "Enter Sandman", and my 52 year old dad singing a current hip hop song. It was a great night.

All that the "contestant" needs to do is say into the recorder: Hi, this is Mrs. Gertrude Jones and I am singing Guns N Roses' "Welcome to the Jungle."

This is hilarious! Have fun, but be safe! Make sure you have adult drivers for each team.

Added by Brian Martindale

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