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Progressive Fast Food Dinner
If you have kids in your group that you just can't ever seem to feed enough to, this event "caters" to your needs.

This is a new twist on the progressive dinner. Have 3-5 places to hit for snacks such as Sonic for a drink, Taco Bell for an appetizer, Subway for a main course, and Dairy Queen for desert.

It creates buzz at the stores and students love it. Tell them they have a $5-7 limit for all stops and parents will love it too!

Take pictures to share at the next meeting.

Added by Dillon Burroughs

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   Ben         11/30/2012 7:00:32 PM

My youth group is hard to please at times, so I wasn't sure how well this activity would go over. But it was a hit. I added "get to know you" games or eating challenges while we were eating at each restaurant. We are planning on doing it again this year.