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Pizza Scavenger Hunt
Split group into teams. Make sure you have vehicles, and an oven for each team. The team will be given a list with several items needed to make a pizza.

For example:
    1 meat topping
    2 vegetable toppings
    pizza sauce
    (cups, drinks, plates, etc. can be added to make the list longer)
Each team must go door to door in your community, trying to collect ONE ingredient from each house. You can allow them to buy ONE and only ONE item from a store.

Once the items are collected, the teams must go to the location where their oven is waiting, make their pizza, cook it, and bring it back to the facility.

The first team to collect all items, bake the pizza, and arrive at the facility wins. Finish with a meal of the created pizzas, (and possibly some bought pizzas, in case the other pizzas don't turn out so appetizing).

Added by Will Cooper

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