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If this game is done right, it can be a decent fundraiser for your youth group.
Divide club into teams - usually 2 teams. Guys against Girls or Freshman/Sophomore against Junior/Senior.

Have each team choose a captain.

Set a time period for the contest, usually four weeks. This allows competition to build over time.

Whichever team brings in the most pennies by the last day of competition, wins. Penny count should be determined by weight.

Determine a "prize" for winning team. For example: Giving the losing team captain the "Ten Bags of Doom."

(As an addition, make any other denomination of coin negative points. For example, a nickel and 5 pennies would cancel each other out. This allows you to "sabotage" the other team- thus raising even more money! Obviously, you'd have to count the coins rather than just weighing them.

Added by Brendt Waters

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