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Pay Phone Scavenger Hunt
Divide the students into groups, each with a vehicle, and several quarters. Each group will be given the site of a place where they will find a pay phone. Each group will also be given one phone number. Throughout the night, that anonymous person will be their contact person.

Once at the first phone, the kids will be given clues leading them to the next station. At each new station, they will call their same contact person for another clue. Once they have reached their final destination, they will find an envelope telling them they are finished, and to return to the facility, or place where they started. The first team to return to the church with the envelope in hand wins.

Have prizes for all the teams, no matter what place they finish. Have fun!

NOTE: If you're in a town without many pay phones, you may direct the students to homes belonging to people you know, where they can use the phone there. If you do that, it's always best to tell the homeowner ahead of time!

Added by Will Cooper

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