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WARNING: This event can be dangerous if you don't use a totally "obstacle free" field. JUST ONE rock, sprinkler head, or sharp object in the ground can result in severe cuts, scrapes and bruises. It is up to you to use discretion when planning this event.

Deep down inside, everyone loves to get MUDDY! If you have a piece of land that is not being used, use a tiller to soften the dirt. Use sprinklers to wet down the area beforehand.

For a community builder, call your local Fire Dept and ask them to come out and wet it down for you. Be sure to video tape the process, provide free pop, and have sponsors and kids applaud their efforts when they're finished. Follow up with a thank you card signed by everyone to the Fire Dept.

From there . . .GO NUTS! We have had Mud Football; Mud Wrestling; Mud Duck, Duck, Goose (a personal favorite). It usually turns into a mud fight but it is a great amount of fun. Be sure to have several hoses set up to wash the mud off!

Idea by Sean Patrick

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