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Just like the real game of Monopoly...this one can go on and on and on and on....

Take really wide paper (we used paper that is made for covering tables) and construct a gigantic Monopoly board. Use construction paper for the different colors. The larger the board, the more exciting the teens will find it! (Or just use butcher paper and roll out the frame of the board almost as big as the room!) Print huge Chance and Community Chest cards on colored paper. Also, title each space with street names that the teens live on. Mass reproduce the Monopoly money on matching colored paper.

Have students bring icons for their game pieces (stuffed Animals, etc. We had one teen bring in a tire!). Use fuzzy dice if you can find them...

Split the teens into groups of 2 or 3 and have them work together. If you want, you can give the game a specific amount of time.

Award prizes for:
• First team to own a Monopoly.
• First team to cross GO!
• First team in jail.
• Most creative team icon.
• etc.

Use your creativity (or, have your student leaders use their creativity and own the event), the sky is the limit! At the end count the money of each team and award the winners.

Added by Kevin Flick

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