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With this scavenger hunt sounds are the items to be found. Teams with tape recorders set out to record a list of items worth various points (examples: baby crying, toilet flushing, siren, a burp, a cat, dog, etc.)

Variation: Hunt For A Laugh

Go on a scavenger hunt to record people laughing. There are several easy ways to do this, some cell phones will do it, and most digital cameras will record short videos. Of course, video cameras will do it, but they are sometimes harder to come by.

We put several students in a car with an adult driver, then gave them an hour to collect laughs. I recommended they go to the houses of family and friends. This was partly for safety reasons, but partly because the success rate is higher with friends than strangers.

At the end of the hour, teams HAD to be back at the church so they could play their recorded laughs for everyone. You can award points for the funniest laugh.

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