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Are you looking for a great time with your group? This is a hit…so long as you abide by the rules!
Find as many adults from your church as possible (20 or so) to go out to a certain mall (preferably a large one) a half an hour before the youth group is slated to arrive.

Have the students meet at the church as usual, and WHILE STILL THERE, break the group into teams of 4 or 5. Then hand out a packet to each team with all of the faces of people who are hiding in the mall photocopied onto each sheet. (This is the “mug shot” list.) Within a certain time frame (an hour is best) the teams must track down as many adults as possible and have them sign under their picture.

The winning team is the one who arrives back at the meeting point ON TIME with the most signatures. There should be a penalty for teams that are late (they lose one signature per minute late).

It's great because it allows the youth to see the adults in their church in a different light and know them on a more personal basis.

For more fun, have your volunteers dress up in costumes. We had a gentleman, usually sharp dressed, dress up as a skater, etc.! Hilarious!

We also wrote "crimes committed" by each adult individual (stole candy from a baby, etc.) just to add more fun
Team Rules: #1 Absolutely no running! (Most malls will expel a group for this kind of activity. Make sure you do not allow your kids to give your church a bad name!) #2 Entire team must stay together at all times. If they are found broken up, they are disqualified.
NOTE: You might want to include the Senior Pastor in this one. It is just so easy to get him or her involved in this one…plus it introduces the pastor to the kids for the sake of fun.

Added by Scott MacDougall

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   Jeremy         4/2/2013 10:37:25 AM

Another take on a great idea for kick off...