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Five Buck Receipt Rush
This event requires little planning and is always very fun. Sometimes it requires a bit of a budget, depending on how many kids are on each team. I usually charge a dollar and end up in the red. If you charge two you could break even or even come out ahead. I advertise that the winning team gets pizza at our local cheap pizza joint.

Have as many teams as you do vehicles. For every vehicle, have a safe adult leader who will be driving! Each team is given $5 to spend as they wish. The contest however, is to get the greatest amount of receipts, each from a different store or restaurant. The total dollar amount of these receipts must be equal to, or less than, $5. The team that gets the most receipts and makes it to the meeting spot (the pizza place) by a certain time is the winner.

I also have a rule that every receipt given must be witnessed by a staff member and signed by them. This keeps the team together and helps prevent them from whipping out a receipt they had from the day before.

If I do have extra money I sometimes surprise them and buy them all sodas. This will appease the losing teams a little more.

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