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Big Bad Boat Race
This is a great game for competition within small groups. Heck it’s a great game even if you don’t use a small group model! Here’s what you do.

Give every team one or two weeks (your call) and the following supplies:
1 plank of Basel wood
1 bottle of wood glue/super glue
X number of popsicle sticks (just make sure it’s the same number for every team)
2 rolls of tape
1 yard of any color fabric
2 small dowel rods
1 box cutter or pair of scissors

Each small group or team is to create their own sail boat using the supplies given to them AND NOTHING ELSE. (You may want to have the adult leaders do any cutting and gluing to avoid accidents), but the designing and working is up to the students. Give the groups 1-2 weeks to create their boats.

On the set day, have a boat race with all groups competing.

If you don’t happen to have a lovely breeze you can count on, make your own! Just use house gutters that you can find at a home improvement store and seal them with caps and gutter sealant. Fill the gutters with water and use small fans at the starting point. *Make sure to take the time a few days before and seal the gutters so they can dry.

Make sure to have a really cool prize for the team of winners.

Have fun!

Idea by David M.

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