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Sub-Culture Night
This event really works well with Middle School students. It revolves around the saying that “culture is simply a set of sub-cultures mixed together.” Here is how you pull it off.

Advertise the event for a few weeks with your students, promising them a great time. Encourage them to bring their friends as this will be a night that emphasizes fellowship with others.

Tell them that they, and their friends, MUST come dressed as a member of some sort of recognized (and approved) sub-culture group. Examples include jocks, emo, punk, surf, goth, fluro, skater, etc. Instruct them that they must go “all out.” If their sub-culture is typified by some sort of particular hair, they gotta get the matching wig!

When kids arrive, allow them to chill with their friends for a while. MAKE SURE you have several adult leaders walking around with digital cameras and video cameras getting footage for the archives. Also, MAKE SURE your adult leaders are in on the game plan as well. Having leaders walking around in their regular attire will really kill this one!!

During this “chill time,” you may want to provide food. Nothing goes better with hanging out than pizza, soda, and ice cream.

Then, you can play some fun and exciting games with them. Simply check out our games page for hundreds and hundreds of ideas.

If you want, you can easily move the night to a more serious focus, and give a message on the “masks” that people wear to cover up who they truly are.

Finally, award prizes for best dressed student.

Idea from Anthony from Sydney, Australia.

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