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Co-Ed Flag Football
In the middle of football season and looking for something fun to do? Play Co-Ed Flag Football. Here’s how.

Set a date for the event about 4 weeks out and make flyers for the students to hand out. Really pump it up with girls being able to play also. Have everyone register at least 3 days before hand so you can make a who-plays-who-list.

Buy a $15 flag football set (usually comes with a football and a set of flags for both teams). Teams are 5-10 players each. Make sure you have a couple of refs for each game being played. You may want to limit the games to 30 minutes instead of 60 if you have lots of teams. The same rules of regular football apply here as well.

This event works great as an all-day-event. Just make sure you have plenty of food for lunch, plenty of drinks for players, and fun snacks available for the spectators.

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