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If you have never won an Oscar, this event is for you! Now you can host your own movie awards ceremony for your youth ministry. The movies are made by the students (and adult leaders, if desirable). Students can make a short film, a comedy, a music video, a documentary, a thriller…whatever they want.

Here are some helpful guidelines:
  • Use as many students from the ministry as possible. (You may want to require each team to have 1 underclassman in a major role in the film/video.)

  • Must be approved by youth leader AT LEAST one week prior to Golden Bulbs night.

  • Must not contain footage that was made in dangerous ways (running through traffic, for instance).

  • Specify a time length for the video. 10 minutes should be the cap, because you are going to want to show all of them at once.

  • Any other rule applicable to your group.

Then the night of the Golden Bulbs, roll out the red carpet. Make sure to offer movie snacks like popcorn and sodas. Everyone can even come dressed up in formal attire. The group can watch the movies that are nominated. Have judges deliberate and give out awards for best actor/actress, best movie, best director, best music score, best music video, etc.

For awards, you can hand out little statues holding light bulbs that have all been spray painted gold. You can even round out the night with a live band.

NOTE: Some of your kids are going to LOVE this idea and run with it like crazy! Most may just be observers. Do not be discouraged…everyone is going to enjoy the actual “show” AND, you may find your next tech-savvy kid who can be your technologies champion.

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