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Human Music Videos

Do you have some “artsy” students in your ministry that are especially creative? If they really want a challenge, this event is for you!

Advertise your event for several weeks and simultaneously get the students working on it. It is important to note that the students are NOT coming to the event to work on the project; rather, they are coming to show off their pre-planned work.

Let the students know that they will be working in teams to choreograph a music video for their favorite Christian song. They get to choose their teams, they get to choose their song, and they get to choose the choreography. Anything from a “rock” song to a liturgical dance could be used. (You might need to assign an adult leader to each group to ensure that all dances/choreographies are acceptable to your standards. You probably don’t want a Britney Spears dance done to the lyrics of Third Day.)

On the night of the actual event, your groups can come together and share their routines. You could have the teams do their dances live, or you might allow them to videotape them beforehand, and simply play the tape. Your call.

You can have judges on hand to critique and award prizes to groups for “most creative” “most energetic” “most humorous” etc.

Don’t forget to round out your night with a meal and some other fun things from the Games and IceBreakers page.

Idea by Yohsuke Miki

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