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Nuclear Ultimate Football
Wanna have a blast AND make the neighbors think that aliens are landing...all at the same time? Nuclear Ultimate Football is what you are looking for!

This costs some money, so prepare adequately. Purchase around 50 glow sticks, ten to twenty strands of little Christmas lights, one glow in the dark necklace per student playing, and two Nerf "Luminator" series footballs. (They are each powered by nine volt batteries and are around $15 a football.)

During daylight hours, take the Christmas tree lights and glowsticks out to a field and set them up in the shape of a football field. Then take your crew out to the field after dark to play ball.

Split into two teams (different colored necklaces) and play Ultimate Frisbee rules (on Outdoor Games page) with the footballs.

This event costs about $5 a kid: however it is an incredible visual image and something they will never forget!

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   Keith Thompson         5/5/2015 5:14:56 AM

Our students loved this!! We preceded it with a hotdogs and s'mores over firepits to wait for it to get dark enough (check the time for sunset before planning this one). Also, you can't run Christmas lights across the field (tripping hazard), so we wrapped highway cones from the parking lot team in Christmas lights to mark the endzones.