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Christmas Tree Scramble
This is a great event to get your kids working together doing something really fun and competitive. You will need transportation (to a surplus store or dollar store for Christmas decorations) unless your church is really close to one already.

Give each team a given time to acquire decorations and decorate their tree. (60 minutes or so . . . enough time to judge the trees at the end, hang out, and eat Christmas cookies.

Each team receives:

  1. A fake tree...all teams must have the same size tree, of course

  2. $5 for supplies

  3. Starter kit of decorations

Goal: Decorate your team's tree. Trees will be judged on Beauty, Economy (money efficiency), Creativity, and “Pizzazz” (over-the-top uniqueness).

You may:

  • buy decorations with your teams money

  • trade decorations with a stranger

  • use only decorations that do not need to be returned to their previous owner

  • make decorations out of recycled materials

  • trade decorations with another group

You may not:

  • take decorations from your house or a friend’s house (everything must cost you something)

  • use decorations that need to be returned

  • sabotage another team’s decorations

  • spend your own money

  • use pyrotechnics

  • damage your tree

Idea by Scott Kobewka

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Comments on this post

   Daisy Hernandez         11/10/2016 5:32:59 AM

This is a really good and neat idea. I will recreate this activity with my group.

   hamzeh         5/2/2015 9:19:05 AM

Thank you

   Kevin kansas         12/7/2011 10:56:04 PM

Kevin , we should play this at the Christmas party and at youth group on Wednesday night.