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Regressive Dinner
Basically this is a night of eating and fellowship. It's like the age old "progressive dinner" where you go from location to location, usually large houses, eating different courses of a meal. The "progressive" dinner does each course in order: one house for appetizers, one house for salad, one house for the main course, one house for drinks, one house for dessert.

The "REGRESSIVE" dinner switches the order of the courses. You may start with dessert, then go to main course, then salad, then appetizers, etc.
If you have a group of up to about 30 or 40, you can get away with going to all these locations together. Each house needs to be able to fit this amount of people (we've emptied out living room furniture and brought in tables for the main course, etc.). If you have even larger groups, you can divide the group and go to different courses at different times and save the last course, maybe appetizers, for a big location where you can fit everyone.

Fun event of just "hanging out" and getting to know each other.

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