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Click, Grab, and Get Hunt
Kind of like the Disposable Camera Rally on this Events page, this is a scavenger hunt where each team has a camera (disposable or not) and a vehicle to get around town in (with adult leader driving). Give them a list of items, worth different points, to get a picture of, get, or do. You can develop the pictures at a one-hour place and see results that evening, or develop the pictures for a PowerPoint slide presentation (many places will develop pictures on CD) the next week. Winners can be served pizza and pop first by losers.

For these points, take a picture of…
20 a tree in bloom
20 a farm animal
20 a "House For Sale" Sign
30 a license plate from Ohio or Kentucky
30 a "CLOSED" sign on a business's door
30 a church van or bus (not your own)
30 a house with a car parked in the yard
40 a house with 3 cars parked in the driveway
40 any type of scoreboard
50 a house that still has Christmas decorations

Put in your sack…for 25 points each
Chop Sticks
Wendy's Chili Cup
Pack of McDonald's ketchup
Subway wrapper
Napkin with a logo
1984 penny
To-Go box
Dime wrapper

Picture of someone in your group…for 50 pts.
holding an apple in their right hand, a pear in their left hand, and an orange under their chin
holding a package of cat litter
holding and feeding a baby doll
doing a cartwheel
wearing a (rival team) baseball cap
on a swing

…for 75 pts.
picking their nose
on a toilet

…for 100 pts.
wearing a restaurant employee's apron

Things to do…for 150 pts.
Sing "American the Beautiful" under Wal-Mart's American flag
Get any stranger's autograph and ask them if anyone's ever told them they look like a famous person
Ask a golfer, on the golf course, to tell you his best Tin Cup golf story
Rub a bald man's head while singing "Jeannie in a Bottle"

…for 200 pts.
Get a stranger to sing the theme song from "Gilligan's Island"
Get an autograph of a Fireman and ask if he's ever seen "101 Dalmatians"
Get a construction worker to let you wear his tool belt and you both sing "YMCA"
Get a video store worker to perform with your group, his/her favorite movie sound track song
At an Ice Cream Shop, get a worker to put sprinkles in his/her hair while singing "I Feel Pretty"

…for 250 pts.
Get a policeman in uniform to sing the theme to COPS, "Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do"

Idea by Tammy Cox

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