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Dead Fish Olympics
This event is a blast! It’s incredibly disgusting, but a blast! Here’s how you pull it off.

Go to a local Fish Market (seafood restaurants could also work). Give them several 5 gallon buckets and ask them to fill them with extra or un-needed fish. Most will gladly oblige, but might give you a few weird stares. All games revolve around the dead fish and should therefore be played outside WITH EVERYONE WEARING GLOVES!

Sardine Toss
Play it just like the children’s game “egg toss.” Have two people stand 5 feet apart and throw the sardine to one another. After they both catch it once, have each of them take two steps backwards, making it harder for the next round. The team keeps going until one player drops the sardine. The two person team that caught the sardine the most times, and was therefore standing the farthest from one another, wins.

Dead Fish Archery
Paint a bullseye target onto a piece of plywood and drive nails into it (from the back) making sure they stick out on the front. This makes an excellent target to stick fish onto.

Simply stand students at a line 10 feet from the board/target and give them three fish to throw. The student with the most points earned from the bullseye, wins.

Dead Fish Launch
This is completely unscientific and revolves around brute force. The game is merely a question of “who can throw the dead fish the furthest?” All you need is a few fish (of very equal weight) and a place to fling them.

Fish Parts Basketball
Play this game at the end of the day. Gather up all of the pieces that have accumulated throughout the event and give equal portions to pre-divided teams.

Have one team member stand a few feet away, say 8 feet, and allow him or her to hold up a large trash bag. On GO, the team members start throwing the fish pieces to their team member holding the bag. The team with the most weight in the bag at the whistle, wins!

NOTE: To stay on the church leadership’s good side, MAKE SURE you clean up after yourselves when this event is over.

Idea by Mike Neilson

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