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Looking for a band for your church or youth ministry event? You've come to the right place. Here are a handful of bands that Jonathan recommends.

NOTE: This is a fairly new page and will probably have more bands in the future. Rather than just recommending any band who wants to be linked, Jonathan is only linking bands he has actually ministered with in his speaking across North America in the last few years. We realize that there are probably some great bands out there that have not had the opportunity to play where Jonathan speaks, and we're sorry that we can't add you. But Jonathan doesn't just recommend bands by their musical ability. He wants to see how they work with the event coordinator and how they are offstage.

The following bands are great on AND off stage:

For many of you, Logan probably doesn't require an introduction; he has led worship for Planet Wisdom, for Youth Specialties events, and for many other camps and conferences around the U.S. I've done several camps, conferences and events with him. When he was at UBC, back in the day, he was basically Crowder's back up band. But don't let the words "back up band" fool you. This guy is musically superb, he has a heart for God, he is current, he leads great worship, and he's a servant. Logan is young and stylish, but his maturity on and off stage is well beyond his years. Logan isn't serving his own agenda; he sees the big picture and helps you work toward what God has planned for your camp or event.

Check out "The Seven Sins of Leading Worship" podcast we did with Logan when he was with the band Dutton.

I've now done four different camps with Saline, and I grow more impressed every time I work with them. John and the guys are the real deal. They have a great understanding of their audience and they strive to work with the speaker and event leaders. Musically, they're fantastic. But as you'll hear me say over and over again... a good band is SOOOoooooo much more than a bunch of quality musicians. These guys are current, they are team players, and they have a heart for Christ. Book em. You won't be disappointed.

The Chrysalis Mystery is a group of guys located in Southern WI that minister as a worship band in their local church as well as playing for various retreats, conferences and events. We thoroughly enjoyed working alongside these guys and recommend them highly. This band is great on stage, and phenomenal off stage. They're the real deal! These guys desire to bring worship that overflows from private time spent worshipping the Lord in "the secret place". Out of this life-giving flow comes moments of high energy praise and tender moments of reflection and intimacy.

Many of you have heard me talk about Max in my book "Getting Students to Show Up" or heard him on our Final Countdown DVD. Max is one of the most "entertaining" entertainers that you'll ever experience. Yes, Max fits into the hip hop genre, by far the most popular genre in America. But the thing I like the most about Max is the fact that his performances reach WAY beyond the hip hop crowd. Max will put a smile on a Goth kid! Max is a beat boxer. He's not just some guy who can grab a mike and throw down a decent beat—Max's mouth is an entire band. I honestly have never heard better. Blake was good... but Max is great. Don't believe me... just pop on his web site and check out some of the AUDIO/VIDEO samples he has. And realize, he's 10 times better live. More than that, Max has a heart for the Lord and a heart to reach kids. Jump on his web site to contact him or for details about bringing him out.

I had the privilege of working with Army of Light in early 2014 at a Youth Specialties event where they lead the worship for the weekend, and WOW! We were really impressed. As you know, I speak at a lot of camps and events, so I hear a lot of bands. These guys really stuck out (so much that I was compelled to blog about them). They were young, current and easy to work with. They led the audience in a time of worship using current songs that the crowd resonated with. The name Army of Light comes from the desire to see the body of Christ in action. Their avenue for inspiring and building the body of Christ is through music and since 2009, Army of Light has been leading worship for countless events, camps and concerts around the country; most recently including opportunities to travel and play in other parts of the world. I'd be quick to recommend these guys to anybody.

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