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My name is Igor from Pula, Croatia and I am involved in youth ministry. I have one request if you can help me, please. I would like to know your opinion about Harry Potter's movie, and all possible dangerous ideas in this movie. If you can help me I would appreciate that a lot. God bless you and keep up with wonderful work for God.




2 things about Harry Potter:
1. Don't believe half of the crud that's being passed around the internet- most of it is false. It's sad that Christians have to resort to making stuff up or clinging to unverified "gossip" to try to convince others that something's wrong.

Lots of the phony articles you receive on the web can be traced back to a web site "The Onion." They are a fake web newsletter that writes fake articles for fun! You'll consistently see them write stuff that gullible Christians pass around the internet as truth. Personally, I recommend scripture.

2. As for my opinion of Harry Potter- I have to say I agree almost 100% with the article Al Menconi just wrote.

Check it out:

God Bless,