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I use your site a bunch (thanks!) I'm the youth pastor of a small church.

I want to buy our teens a devotional Bible, need about 20, the deacons and Pastor require it to be KJV or some type of KJV so I can't buy the many NIV types available to me. The New Adventure Bible for Kids KJV is out of print now. Do you have any tips or resources?

James, GA



What is this weird book that you keep talking about ... the Bible? Is that a John Grisham?

Seriously- Thanks for the email. I'll tell you the place I would go ...BIBLES AT COST. (They are also listed on my WEB LINKS page.) They are a small ministry that sells Bibles cheaper than anywhere else for one reason: THEY WANT TO GET THEM INTO THE HANDS OF PEOPLE! They're great people and they sell Bibles CHEAP!

For example, the Life Application Study Bible in the KJV ... they sell for about $23 each. That same Bible is about $40 in your local Christian book store. They have an 800 number as well on their site so you can call with any questions.

God Bless,