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I need fundraising ideas bad, but our kids aren't into selling stuff, got
any fun fundraising ideas? HELP!

Megan, Parkland, WA



You're not alone. I can't tell you the countless e-mails I've received asking the same thing.

The fund raiser I use each year- with outstanding results- and a bonus of social service experience, is what I call a "Salvation Army Work Day."

I call the local Salvation Army (any homeless shelter will do) and schedule a day we can come and work for 8 hours. Then I make up pledge sheets for the kids. (see pledge sheet in logistical crud) They try to get pledges per hour, for 8 hours. i.e. if they can get 20 people to pledge a dollar an hour, they will make $20 an hour for 8 hours of work. That's $160 for ONE KID! If you do the math, this is better than your typical car wash- and it's a great experience at the same time.

Also check out EGAD's site- they list a bunch of other fund raisers:

click on FUNDRAISERS on the left hand directory.

God Bless,