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We have a youth Sunday coming up in April where the youth run the entire service. We have a planning session Sunday to brainstorm. What are some good ideas to substitute a sermon. We will have praise music, powerpoint stuff, etc.


Craig, FBC Damascus



Good question. A lot of people might just try to fill the time void here . . . but that would be a mistake. I always like to do two things with an opportunity for the youth to run the entire service: 1. Give the congregation a clear idea how God is working through the youth ministry. 2. Make people want to get involved.

First, I like to present a clear picture of how God is working through the youth ministry. This is your opportunity to show the church how important, how effective, how vital youth ministry is. Have students share testimonies of how they came to know Christ and are growing in their faith. Share about exiting outreaches and service projects that you are involved in. When the people leave that week, they should have a good picture of why your ministry exists (your purpose), and what God is doing through it (how you are achieving your purpose).

S econdly, I like to use this as a time to recruit volunteers. Let people know how they can make a difference in the life of a student. Give them different options of how they can be involved. This point is always made strong by a student who shares in his or her testimony how a staff person's investment in their life made a difference. Then a challenge from a student's voice, "you can make a difference in the life of one of us."

If you really want volunteers, give people an opportunity to respond. Have them right "YM" on the corner of their registration card and drop it in the offering if they want to be contacted about it.

Maybe even have a booth with pictures, flyers, etc. in the back. Have students standing back there, available to talk to people.

Hope your service goes well.

Keep up the good work!

God Bless,



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