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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

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Something You Can Use This Weekend: A Ready-made Super Bowl Party

Maybe you have a Super Bowl Party already planned, but you don't know what to do other than watch the big game! Well, here's a resource for you to add a creative twist to your party!


Here are the basics on what to do:


That's right-you need a place to watch the game. If your youth group is small, someone's house is great! If you have a large group, you can use a youth room, a gym, anyplace you can find and set up a big screen and projector. (Don't forget that you'll need some sort of TV tuner with reception hooked up to the projector- worse case scenario, a VCR with a pair of rabbit ears!)


Super Bowl Sunday of course, Sunday, February 4th.


That's right-I always get some good prizes that I advertise before-hand. In the past I've solicited dinner certificates, ski tickets, sports memorabilia, etc. Or, if you don't have resources for those kinds of prizes, there are always SNICKERS, MILK DUDS and DING DONGS! The prizes go to those who do best on the "Super Bowl Quiz." You'll see . . . keep reading!


Depending on what you do and what your budget is. If your ministry has a strong budget and you want to provide a good outreach for your students to bring their friends to-then make it FREE. If you have no budget, you can charge a few bucks to cover sodas, ("pop" for all you from Minnesota) snacks, and any prizes you couldn't get donated.


The agenda for this event is pretty easy. You give them a quiz (see SUPER BOWL QUIZ below) as they enter the party. They have to fill it out before going in (or entering the main room). Certain questions have to do with the beginning of the game- so if they come late- they can still fill out the quiz- but they get those questions marked wrong. Don't allow anyone to fill out the quiz past the first quarter- they'll have an unfair advantage with the final score, etc.

Then you just let everyone enjoy the game. I stand up several times through the game and do a quick "Super Bowl Challenge" (see my "Up Front Games" page: /games/upfront.asp) and give a little prize away. Then at the end, I tally up the quizzes and give away the grand prizes. (IMPORTANT NOTE: Yes, you have to note certain stats during the game to complete your answer key, then tally the quizzes right there at the party so you can award the winner immediately.)

It's a great event where students can get to know each other. (Guess what, I even did this for my adult Sunday School class- each couple takes a quiz together! Great fun! )

For More Super Bowl Party Ideas
From Our Last Ezine

A Competition for Your Super Bowl Party: The Super Bowl Quiz... A Football-knowledge Quiz For All!

The quiz is one of the fun aspects of the party. This is the quiz that you give each student as they walk in the party. The quiz asks some basic football knowledge questions, and some questions specific to the game that day. A lot of the questions are just plain luck- like who will win the coin toss, or whether Coke or Pepsi will have the first commercial. Other questions might ask who will get the most yards, etc.

Have students take the quiz before they enter- and -IMPORTANT- have a group of staff take notes during the game, filling in the answers, and then have them tally up the scores as the game ends. (Some of the answers won't be complete until the finish of the game. i.e.: Who is going to win?)

I've made up a possible quiz for you with the help of my die-hard football-fan friend Don Talley who also happens to be a fantastic youth speaker (CLICK HERE for more info. on Don.) Feel free to also look at or for more good information on the teams, half time shows, etc. so you can add, change, or verify more quiz questions.

PLEASE READ THIS: I say again- because every year some people email me after the event and ask us for the answers. WE DON'T PROVIDE ALL THE ANSWERS... because we can't. That's the purpose of this quiz, to tally it during the game and give away the prize at the end of your party. Most of these answers are determined during the game- and you'll need to take notes during the Super Bowl game to make your answer key for correcting the quizzes at the end! We only provide answers to the questions that will not be determined during the game. Also- DON'T print out the answer key (below the quiz) for the kids.

2007 Super Bowl Quiz
(Circle your answer to each of the questions)

1. In what city is today's Super Bowl being played?
    a. Indianapolis
    b. Miami
    c. Orlando
    d. Fresno
2. Which two teams are playing in today's Super Bowl?
    a. New England and Chicago
    b. Chicago and Orlando
    c. New Orleans and San Diego
    d. Indianapolis and Chicago
3. What number Super Bowl is today's game?
    a. 51
    b. 41
    c. 44
    d. It's the first one ever!
4. What sport is the most popular sport in the world?
    a. Football
    b. Baseball
    c. Soccer
    d. Ring Toss
5. Which soda company will have the first commercial after the kickoff and before the end of the game?
    a. Coke
    b. Pepsi
    c. None of the above
6. What team lost last year's Super Bowl?
    a. New England Patriots
    b. Harlem Globetrotters
    c. Seattle Seahawks
    d. Sacramento Kings
7. What is the legal number of players on the field at the same time during any play?
    a. 18
    b. 11
    c. 22
    d. 9
8. What player in today's game is the son of a former NFL quarterback and the brother of a current NFL quarterback?
    a. Rex Grossman
    b. Peyton Manning
    c. Thomas Jones
    d. Wayne Rice
9. What will be the result of the first coin flip?
    a. It will be heads
    b. It will be tails
    c. It will never stop spinning
    d. It will stick to the ceiling
10. Which one of the following terms is NOT a position on a football team?
    a. Tight End
    b. Nickel Back
    c. Gunner
    d. Tackle
11. Which one of the following professional team mascots is NOT in the NFL?
    a. Ravens
    b. Giants
    c. Magic
    d. Seahawks
12. Which team in today's game has not been to the Superbowl since 1970?
    a. Chargers
    b. Bears
    c. Arizona Ice Tea
    d. Colts
13. What is the TOTAL length of a regulation NFL football field?
    a. 100 yards
    b. 120 yards
    c. 300 feet
    d. Both a and c
14. What is the name of the trophy handed to the winner of today's Superbowl
    a. The Superbowl Championship trophy
    b. The Gold Medal
    c. The Vince Lombardi trophy
    d. The Vince Vaughn trophy
15. Who is the current NFL Most Valuable Player?
    a. Peyton Manning
    b. Ladainian Tomlinson
    c. John Madden
    d. Bono
Under or Over: (Based on the actual statistics of today's game you will choose either UNDER or Over the following numbers. Simply mark an "x" in the column you choose. Immediately after the game, visit to get final stats and information to determine results.)

Under Over
1. Number of passing attempts by Peyton Manning 35.5
2. Total number of MADE field goals by both teams 3.5
3. Number of rushing yards by Thomas Jones 98.5
4. Number of sacks by the Chicago Defense 3.5
5. Total number of turnovers by BOTH teams 4.5
6. Total score by BOTH teams at the end of the game 48.5
7. Number of receptions by Marvin Harrison 7.5
8. Number of passing yards by Rex Grossman 265.5
9. Total yards gained by BOTH teams at the end of the game 699.5
10. Longest field goal MADE by Adam Vinatieri 42.5

True or False: (Circle "T" or "F" after each question.)

1. The Chicago Bears last won the Super Bowl in 1985. T F
2. The Referee's are sporting black and white stripes today. T F
3. A regulation NFL football weighs exactly 1 pound. T F
4. Each quarter in a regulation NFL football game has exactly 900 seconds. T F
5. The Colts were originally from the city of Baltimore. T F
6. Today's teams are the first in Super Bowl history to have African-American head coaches T F
7. Before John Madden invented video games he was an NFL head coach. T F
8. "Sudden Death" refers to the red flag a coach will throw to challenge the call of a play. T F
9. The coin used during this year's Super Bowl is from Canada. T F
10. The halftime show will be performed by Prince. T F

2007 Superbowl Quiz Answer Sheet
(Do NOT print this out on the quiz)
(Fill out the missing answers during the game. You will need to fill in numbers 5, 9, and all of section 2)

Section 1, Multiple Choice
    1. B
    2. D
    3. B
    4. C
    5. You will need to have a volunteer watching for the first Pepsi or Coke commercial
    6. C
    7. C
    8. B
    9. You will need to have a volunteer watching the coin flip at the beginning of the game
    10. C
    11. C
    12. D
    13. B (100 yards plus 10 yards in each end zone)
    14. C
    15. B
Section 2: Under or Over
    To retrieve the data needed to answer these questions, simply go to and click on "Box Score". You will be able to get all the statistics needed to determine the correct answers for these questions.
Section 3: True or False
    1. T
    2. T
    3. F
    4. T
    5. T
    6. T
    7. F (He did not invent video games)
    8. F
    9. F
    10. T

What's New: Week Three of "Gridiron Gang" Video Clip Ideas, Including Small Group Questions, Bible Passage, and a Wrap Up Talk

We know how you love free resources. So for THREE WEEKS IN A ROW our EZINE has featured new VIDEO CLIP IDEAS for Gridiron Gang which was released on DVD/Blue Ray this month. This week is WEEK THREE and the topic is Spiritual Change.

For the last two weeks we used this incredible film as a discussion jumpstarter for the topics of FORGIVENESS (CLICK HERE) and FRIENDS (CLICK HERE) And, as always, you can find even more of these ideas by just popping onto our web site and clicking on the left hand side bar where it says VIDEO CLIP IDEAS. That page is a gold mine for these kinds of discussion starters, including small group questions, scripture, and a wrap up. All you need to do is pop by Blockbuster and rent the film... we do the rest!

WARNING: The last two weeks we were able to use scenes with no foul language. This week however, the scene has two cusswords in the clip. More on this below. Use your own discretion.

Gridiron Gang, The (Spiritual Change)

Main Point: Our Faith in God Starts a Change in Us

Attention Grabber: Movie - The Gridiron Gang Clip
Every once in a while a film is released that reminds youth workers that we can make a difference: Coach Carter, Stand and Deliver, Renaissance Man... this is one of those films. If you haven't seen it, stop by the video store tonight and pick it up. (As I mentioned in my review, yes, there is some violence and pretty bad language speckled throughout the film-a realistic glimpse of our institutional system. But don't throw out the baby with the bathwater. This film is a gem. This is the type of film I would have shown to my outreach clubs when I worked with a pretty tough group of campus kids. This raw film reveals a realistic glimpse of street life, tough choices, and their consequences. The film is very real and earns its PG-13 rating.)

The movie is about a counselor in a juvenile detention center who wants to give kids a second chance. He starts a football team to teach them discipline, teamwork and accepting criticism.

This movie has several good clips that you could use to promote discussion. We've written three different discussion starters on different subjects from this one film. This is just one of them.

(CLICK HERE for IMDB's page of online previews for this film. Trailer #1 and #2 are actual previews, 3-6 are various clips from the film, just to give you a little taste.)

Clip: "I didn't even know what was happening to me."
In this scene Coach Porter has a one-on-one conversation with an inmate named Willie about the change that is happening in his life.
    NOTE: Part of this clip is the same clip we use for another discussion from this movie about forgiveness. But this write-up (other than the movie description) is totally different.
Clip Introduction:
Today I want to show you a clip from the movie The Gridiron Gang. Many of you have already seen this movie, but for those who haven't, this scene is a conversation between a juvenile prisoner named Willie and Coach Porter, played by The Rock. Coach Porter is a counselor in a juvenile detention center who wants to give kids a second chance. He starts a football team to teach them discipline, teamwork and accepting criticism. The results are amazing. Willie, one of the players, not only learns teamwork, he strikes an "unspoken friendship" with a rival gang member. In an act of valor, Willie ends up preventing his new friend, this "rival gang member" from being shot by one of Willie's old "homeboys." He saved this other kid because now he didn't see him as an enemy, he saw him as a team mate. Now Willie is having second thoughts. He's questioning his loyalty and wondering what is happening to him.

He doesn't understand the decisions he's making, because for the first time, he seemed to do something... right. In this scene, the coach is talking him through this.

NOTE: This clip has two cusswords in it. This creates a tough situation for some of us... if you have access to some editing equipment, it's an easy fix. (You can also just practice with your hand on the volume, killing the volume during the word.) Use your own discretion. IMDB has a low res. version of the clip with one of the words cut out of it (CLICK HERE).

Scene Script: It's hard to find a starting point for this clip because of the language. It's your call. The IMDB clip I linked above (which doesn't have the coach's cuss word below) starts mid argument about 1 hour, 31 minutes and 31 seconds. Here's the dialogue.
    Coach Porter: Why did you side with your enemy over your own homeboy?

    Willie: (yelling) Because of you! And this damn football team, man.

    Coach Porter: That's bull sh**. You made a choice.

    Willie: No I didn't. I didn't even know what was happening to me. It was just so... so quick. (pause, hitting the wall, crying) I don't know what's happening to me, man. (crying)

    Coach Porter: I do. (pause) You're not the loser you were when you first got here Willie. You're just not used to being a winner.
END CLIP at 1 hour 32 minutes and 24 seconds (just before another great dialogue about forgiveness. CLICK HERE for that VIDEO CLIP IDEA.)

Transitional Statement:
Willie is changing and he doesn't know why. Coach Porter's first observation is that Willie made a choice, but Willie reacts, "No I didn't, I didn't even know what was happening to me." As I saw what Willie was experiencing, I thought, "Wow, what an example of what happens to us when a person becomes a Christian." Being a Christian is not trying to be good. It is not trying to change ourselves like "ten steps to becoming a new person." When we become a Christian something happens and we begin to change.

Divide into Small Groups:
Let's go ahead and split up into our discussion groups, and then afterward we'll come back together for a final word.


Coming Soon: "What's a Fo' Sheezy?" Jonathan McKee and Fred Lynch's New Book on SLANGUAGE is Almost Here

What's a Fo' Sheezy?

What's a Fo' Sheezy?
More Than 300 Questions from Slanguage to Get Teenagers Talking
Youth Specialties' brand new book by Jonathan McKee & Fred Lynch

Les Christie says it well:

Jonathan and Fred have come up with a terrific little book for anyone who cares about youth. Our language is constantly changing. It is advantageous for anyone working with teens to know the vocabulary of the generation we're trying to reach. This book will not only educate you about some of the most popular, current terms of this generation, but also will provide springboards for discussion. This is a fun book. My students and I laughed out loud as we read some of the made up definitions of the words in this book (the book provides a hilarious quiz for each word with choices between authentic and "made up" definitions). The discussion questions around each phrase will cause your students to think and talk. The topical discussion index at the end of the book will help in quickly finding appropriate words with questions for a specific issue. I highly recommend this book.
Les Christie
Author, Best-Ever Games for Youth Ministry
Chair, Youth Ministry Department
William Jessup University

"What's a Fo' Sheezy" is also recommended by Chap Clark, Josh McDowell, Larry Acosta, Chris Hill, Walt Mueller, Efrem Smith, Greg Stier and more...

If you would like to be notified when this book is released, simply email and type ADD ME FO SHEEZY in the subject line!

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