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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

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Something You Can Use: Super Bowl Party Ideas and a Little About our Upcoming Super Bowl Quiz- a Fun Competition that You Can Use at Your Event!

Most of you know that in the U.S.A., we're somewhat fanatical about the Super Bowl. And this big event coming on Sunday, February 4th, is a great opportunity to plan a party, activity or event. This year we've got some great ideas- for those who like, and even those who don't like, the Super Bowl.

THE SUPER BOWL XL PARTY QUIZ: Our Annual Tradition-We at THE SOURCE love to provide you with a fun activity/competition you can use at your Super Bowl Event... another ready-made "Super Bowl Quiz" for your Super Bowl party!

Picture this- students take a quiz as they enter the party. They have to fill it out before going in (or entering the main room). Questions range from basic football knowledge (How many points is a safety?) to questions specifically about the game that day. (Who will catch the most passes for the home team?) -multiple choice, of course!

Then you just let everyone enjoy the game. At the end of the event, tally up the quizzes based on the statistics from the game and give away prizes to the top three.

THE SOURCE will send out the 2007 quiz to all EZINE subscribers next issue-the week before the Super Bowl. (CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT LAST YEAR'S QUIZ)

Here are a few more ideas you can do with Super Bowl XLI:

Can you say "Wardrobe Malfunction?" Yes . . . many of us were shocked in years past by raunchy commercials, the Janet Jackson "incident," etc. So why not have your small groups do a Commercial Competition. That's what Carl from Texas did.

One to two weeks before the Super Bowl, they can put together their own commercial and edit it. They have 3-4 minutes to broadcast a product, real or pretend (ie. the "shut up your youth pastor who talks too much" remote control, etc.). On game day, during the first half, we tape the real S.B. commercials while displaying our small group commercials. Then we show the real S.B. commercials that are "edifying" in the second half. No one gets slimed by the junk (except the one deciding which ones make the cut) and we give prizes to the winning commercial group. Hope this idea helps.
- Carl, Texas, USA

A group of youth-workers came up with this idea at my "Reaching the Unchurched" Training one year in Cincinnati. Their ministry has attracted a lot of skaters over the last few years. They don't see a lot of interest in the Super Bowl, so they thought, "Why not do an Anti-Super Bowl Party."

They are bringing in all kinds of skateboard ramps and equipment for students to skate on all afternoon. Then they'll have some special activities like The TV Smash, where students will smash TV's with sledgehammers. (NOTE: If you opt to do this, you obviously will want to research all safety precautions necessary like safety goggles, jump suits, safety for your audience- use discernment.)

They said that they'll actually have a TV there with the game on as well- because they'd hate to lose anyone who actually wanted to see the game. But, as you can see, the potential of ideas here is endless.

Nothing brings out students like food. And the cheaper the better. This might be the opportunity to do that burger bash or that pizza feed. All you can eat pizza for 3 bucks, prizes, the game on the big screen, etc. This is a great one to use our Super Bowl Quiz that we provide every year and award prizes for the top 3 quizzes.

Some of you might have noticed that the commercials can be pretty bad during the Super Bowl (or anytime for that matter). Why not do a "Commercial Free" Super Bowl Party? Have a tech guy kill the game every commercial (while watching it on a small monitor, knowing when to turn it back on) and lead games or activities from our UP FRONT GAMES page (CLICK HERE) during every break. This is another great one to use with our Super Bowl Quiz.


What's New This Week: Week Two of "Gridiron Gang" Video Clip Ideas, Including Small Group Questions, Bible Passage, and a Wrap Up Talk

We know how you love free resources. So for THREE WEEKS IN A ROW our EZINE will be featuring new VIDEO CLIP IDEAS for Gridiron Gang which was released on DVD/Blue Ray last week. This week is WEEK TWO and the topic is Friends.
Last week we used this incredible film as a discussion jumpstarter for the topic of FORGIVENESS. CLICK HERE if you missed that discussion and would like to use it. Or, as always, just pop onto our web site and click on the left hand side bar where it says VIDEO CLIP IDEAS. That page is a gold mine for these kinds of discussion starters, including small group questions, scripture, and a wrap up. All you need to do is pop by Blockbuster and rent the film... we do the rest!

Gridiron Gang, The (FRIENDS)

Main Point: You're only as good as the people you associate with.

Attention Grabber: Movie - The Gridiron Gang Clip

Every once in a while a film is released that reminds youth workers that we can make a difference: Coach Carter, Stand and Deliver, Renaissance Man... this is one of those films. If you haven't seen it, stop by the video store tonight and pick it up. (As I mentioned in my review, yes, there is some violence and pretty bad language speckled throughout the film-a realistic glimpse of our institutional system. But don't throw out the baby with the bathwater. This film is a gem. This is the type of film I would have shown to my outreach clubs when I worked with a pretty tough group of campus kids. This raw film reveals a realistic glimpse of street life, tough choices, and their consequences. The film is very real and earns its PG-13 rating.)

The movie is about a counselor in a juvenile detention center who wants to give kids a second chance. He starts a football team to teach them discipline, teamwork and accepting criticism.

This movie has several good clips that you could use to promote discussion. We have three different discussion starters on different subjects from this one film on our website. This is just one of them.

(CLICK HERE for IMDB's page of online previews for this film. Trailer #1 and #2 are actual previews, 3-6 are various clips from the film, just to give you a little taste.)

Clip: "You're gonna die."
In this scene Coach Porter has a one-on-one conversation with an inmate named Roger about the friends he chooses. Use the following introduction to introduce the clip.

Clip Introduction:
Today I want to show you a clip from the movie The Gridiron Gang. Many of you have already seen this movie, but for those who haven't, this scene is a conversation between a juvenile prisoner named Roger and Coach Porter, played by The Rock. Coach Porter is a counselor in a juvenile detention center who wants to give kids a second chance. He starts a football team to teach them discipline, teamwork and accepting criticism. In this scene, Coach asks Roger some poignant questions about his future.

Scene Script:
The scene begins with Coach Porter walking into the solitary cell with a rolled up newspaper and smacking Roger around. A few words are exchanged, including a few cuss words... then Coach asks Roger some questions. If you want to avoid the language, start the scene at exactly 4 minutes and 5 seconds into the film, when Coach throws the newspaper down to talk. Here's the dialogue:
    Coach Porter: Roger you're 17 years old. Where are you gonna be in 4 years, huh?

    Roger: I don't know.

    Coach Porter: Answer me. Where are you going to be when you're 21.

    Roger: (pause) Probably in jail.

    Coach Porter: What? (yelling) Look at me. What'd you say?

    Roger: (louder) IN JAIL!

    Coach Porter: No. You're not going to be in jail. You're going to be dead! (Coach squats down to get a little closer.) You're a good kid Roger, but you're going to be back out on the streets tomorrow; back in your hood with your homies. You wanna stay alive; you gotta make a life for yourself outside of your set. If you don't do that-if you don't find an alternative, you're going to die.
STOP HERE AT 4:54 (Coach pauses for three seconds, then delivers another line about being there for him if he wants to talk. But I like to stop the clip after the word "die." For those of you who decide to watch the film further, you'll see what happens to Roger when he's released in the next scene. Heart wrenching scene!)

Transitional Statement:
In this scene, Coach isn't gentle with his words. He tells Roger the way it is. If Roger continues to hang out with the friends he associates with... he will die. It's that simple.

Divide into Small Groups:
Let's go ahead and split up into our discussion groups, and then afterward we'll come back together for a final word.


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